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Trazodone — antidepressant with sedative action. Mechanism of action — direct interaction with serotonin receptors, for some subspecies it acts as agonist, for others — as antagonist. In addition, Trazodone inhibits reverse acquisition of serotonin. Antianxiety effect is moderate, but sleep quality considerably improves.

Usage of Trazodone allows evade such complications, that occurs while taking other antidepressants, as sexual dysfunction and insomnia disorder. Quality and time of sleep improves, what make it possible to use this medicine, besides depression therapy, as nonnarcotic soporific.

Pharmacological specifics defines applicability of Trazodone for senior patients with acatalepsy (Trazodone does not affect on cognitive functions); contraindication to Trazodone prescription for patients with glaucoma and benign prostate hyperplasia. Trazodone have weak hypotensive effect,that is necessary to be considered during therapy of patients with arterial multihypertension in order to adjust the dosage of Trazodone. Trazodone does not increase body weight.

Indications for usage of Trazodone, besides bantam and moderate depressions with anxiously-depressive syndrome, are: benzodiazepine addiction, abstinence syndrome in alcoholism, libido and potency disorders, irritable colon syndrome.

There was a research survey for the purpose of confirmation for side effects influencing on sexual functions in patients that are taking Trazodone.

Twenty two patients were examined, in age from 25 to 53. Preselection was under control of doctor in charge. Patients with erectile dysfunction, endocrine disorder, mental disease, and also patients with infrequent sexual contacts and low sexual experience were not examined. Each patient was examined by hospital psychologist. Neither of patients was satisfied by his sexlual life. Each patients need in duration of sex was higher, than their possibilities. All patients were heterosexuals.

Results of this survey appeared amazing and tottaly opposit to expected. Appeared, that:

  • Trazodone much more effective, than placebo for premature ejaculation treatment;
  • Therapeutic effect of taking Trazodone occurs after two weeks of therapy;
  • Trazodone ensure improvement of full sexual functions in patients who suffered with premature ejaculation.

Trazodone is effective for premature ejaculation treatment, and improves sexual attraction, sexual stimulation and erectile function.

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